Why Earning $4,000.00
Per Hour
is a Completely
Realistic Goal For You

FROM: C.R.I. System Staff
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 

RE:   The Fastest Way To Improve Your Credit Score, GUARANTEED!

Dear Hardworking American,

Put aside all distractions and focus on the important information that I'm about to share with you.

It will be worth a fortune to you!

Let's get started…

According to Experian, by some estimates, there are now more than 100 different types of credit scores on the market.

More troubling, almost all of these scores are up to 100 points HIGHER than the one "Specific Type" of credit score used by 90% of lending institutions.

What's this have to do with YOU and your next home purchase?

In this presentation I'm going to share with you

…how to save up to $100,000 on your next home purchase doing what your neighbors AREN'T!

So, let me ask you…

What would you do with an extra $100,000?

  • Pay off your home early?
  • Invest in rental properties?
  • Retire 8 years sooner?

Even more amazing, I'm going to show you how to get your hands on this "Newfound Money" by investing only 25 hours (or less) in most cases.

Now I know what you're thinking…

$100,000 For 25 Hours Work?

I know it sounds "too good to be true" but by the end of this video I'll prove it is true.

And, since a dollar saved is a dollar earned, you'll earn up to $100,000 for 25 hours work in most cases… 

…keep in mind this works out to you earning $4,000 Per Hour
for your efforts!


Let me PROVE IT to you.

(and it will all make sense in the end)

In fact, I guarantee this will probably be the highest paid work you'll do in your entire life… (second only to spouse selection).

Now, I realize these claims are bold but…

Fortunately, for you (and me) I can back them up. 

So, let's talk about…

The biggest purchase of YOUR Life

Which is…

Your HOME!

I don't need to tell you when buying a new home how important your Credit Score is.

We both know your credit score will "make" or "break you" in a New York Minute when it comes to buying your home!

However… what you probably don't know is 90% of credit scores today are a complete fraud.

Yes, I said…

90% of Credit Scores today are a complete FRAUD!

What am I talking about?

Approximately 90% of home loan decisions in the United States are now made using one "Specific Type" of Credit Score.

Unfortunately, this credit score is virtually unknown to most people (at least until they try to get preapproved for the home they want to buy!)

What's the name of this "Specific Type" of Credit Score relied on by 90% of the Lending Industry?


Your FICO Score

You see, your FICO Score is the only score that really matters if you're looking to get the lowest rate on your home loan and save a fortune in interest …not to mention qualify for a bigger home with a smaller Monthly payment!

However, the big three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian and Trans Union are literally "duping you" by selling a Vantage Score which nearly 90% of Lenders don't even use!

But it gets worse… Not only is your Vantage Score NOT recognized by 90% of lenders but…

…it's almost always up to 100 points higher than your FICO Score!


What's this all mean to YOU and WHY should you keep listening?


In order for you to be approved for the lowest interest rate on your home loan you'll need a FICO Score of no less than 740.

If you bought any credit score other than a FICO Score you'll need it to be above 800 since other scores run up to 100 points higher than your FICO Score.

What's this really mean?

It means when you buy your home if your FICO Score is anything less than 740 you'll end up throwing away thousands of dollars in extra interest payments because of one thing…

Your FICO Score was less than 740!

Remember (if you do nothing) this is money you're throwing away to the bank simply because your FICO Score isn't high enough to qualify for the lowest interest rate on your loan.


This is serious.

Serious as being robbed for $100,000!

But it happens every day to hardworking Americans who simply "Don't Know Better" before they buy their home!
Let me give you a real world example with the story of Dick and Jane.

Dick and Jane both bought homes at the same time and for the same price.  Jane had a FICO Score over 740 while Dick had a FICO Score of only 600.

They both got home loans for $200,000.

However, due to differences in their FICO Scores here's what Dick and Jane's loans looked like…

Think about that… on the same $200,000 loan Jane paid $186,511.58 in Interest… while Dick had to pay $328,310.50!

That's a difference of over $141,000 in EXTRA Interest Dick had to pay just because his FICO Score was 140 points lower than Jane's!

The Moral of The Story If You're Buying a Home?

Don't be a Dick!

Dick threw away over $141,000 because he didn't get his FICO Score over 740 before he bought his home.


Be Like Jane with a FICO Score over 740 and save $141,000 on your next home!

But what if your Credit Score is less Than 800?

And your FICO Score less than 740?

What can you do about it?


MORE than you can possibly Imagine…

However, most people do nothing because as long as they can qualify for the loan and make the "Monthly Payment".
What do they care?

(but that's not being smart or thinking ahead)

Let's face it… (until you came to this website) you only had three options for improving your FICO Score.


You could pay a "Credit Repair Company" to handle it for you.

However, there are two major problems  with credit repair companies…

Major Problem #1

Credit repair companies have an extremely bad track record of ripping-off people like YOU!

In fact, their track record is so bad, the United States Federal Trade Commission has now banned them from charging money upfront before services are rendered!

Then there's the state regulations…

As over 19 states now require Credit Repair Companies to be bonded (for up to $100,000) before they can even open their doors!

Don't bother contacting the Better Business Bureau…  as over  99% of Credit Repair Companies now receive an "F" Rating or "No Rating" which is even worse (according to BBB standards).

Then there's option number two for improving your FICO Score


You could gather and study "Free Credit Repair Information" and do it yourself.

However, there are two serious problems with Free Credit Repair Information…

Serious Problem #1

Free Credit Repair Information is almost always outdated and will do you more harm than good when acted upon.

Let me give you a quick example…

I once saw a credit repair discussion board with over 10,000 users teaching people to dispute every negative account with the credit bureaus by mailing a letter disputing the account as "Not Mine".

This floored me… why?

Because disputing an account as "not mine" (when it really is yours) is about the dumbest thing you can do.

The fact is, all these "free" discussion boards make their money ONE WAY…

…And that's by the Advertisements that run on them.  The reality is, these sites are more concerned about the volume of traffic they get than the quality of information you will receive.

Remember, this is your FICO Score we're talking about and over $100,000 of your money is on the line here… This IS Serious and bad information is like bad food… it's GARBAGE!

Serious Problem #2

Almost all Free Credit Repair Information includes "pre-written" and "template" dispute letters you can use to save time and money.

Just enter your info into them and you're ready to go, right?


Mailing even on of these letters is about the DUMBEST thing you can do and here's why...

The Credit Bureaus already receive over 5 MILLION Dispute Letters per year!

And (at one time) they were spending over $20 Million Dollars Processing these disputes!

As you can imagine… they had a huge incentive to get these costs down and they did it with two pieces of Technology called


O.C.R. stands for Optical Character Recognition and is a technology which allows the Credit Bureaus to electronically read over 20,000 dispute letters per hour even if they are handwritten!

More importantly, the O.C.R. System can store every letter it scans to a database and then MATCH future dispute letters received against it.

This way the Credit Bureaus can "weed out" pre-written and template dispute letters used by credit repair companies or copied by you out of

Credit Repair Books
Software Programs

Remember, the last thing you want to send to a Credit Bureau is a letter that's been mailed to them by thousands of other people before you.

They'll catch it in second and send you back a letter letting you know.


You could buy

"Credit Repair Book or Software"

and do it yourself.

If you haven't noticed lately, every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue (and Jane) seems to be publishing a new "Credit Repair Book". Some of these books are even written by sharp dressed Attorneys who look like they don't mess around…

However, improving your FICO Score fast with just a book makes about as much sense as learning how to swim with only a pool and an instructional DVD.

As you can imagine…

That would be a recipe to drown in a hurry.
So what do you do?

This is your FICO Score and the biggest purchase of your life?

For heaven's sake… just a hundred point increase in your FICO Score could save you $100,000 on just one home!
But what's the fastest way to improve your FICO Score?

The Answer to that question is…

The "Credit Repair Intelligence" System

C.S.B. Members Only Forum2010 Credit Secrets Bible

The Credit Repair Intelligence System takes you by the hand "step-by-step" and shows you the most effective ways to improve your FICO Score

…by revealing every possible angle available for challenging both the Credit Bureaus and the Data Furnishers in regards to every item on your credit reports.

We'll show you the latest cutting edge methods for most effectively working towards deleting:



Just about ANYTHING else you can imagine…

The Fact Is…

If you can read and write then you can be successful improving your FICO Score with The "Credit Repair Intelligence" System.

This is because there is not one (but two) core components to insure your success

FICO Score
Success Component #1

2010 Credit Secrets Bible

The Credit Repair Intelligence Guide

  1. Over 250 pages
  2. Updated Quarterly
  3. Shipped direct to your home

And, unlike many publishers…

We DON'T reprint 100 pages of worthless credit laws you'll never understand just to use as filler.  No, this manual is over 250 pages or "Pure Meat" ready to eat...

…there's a reason why many Real Estate Professionals contact us to purchase a new "C.R.I. Guide" every couple years just for the updates.

Inside here's just a little of what you'll discover

  • CERTIFIED MAIL: Why you DON'T want to use “Certified Mail Return Receipt” when mailing your disputes to credit bureaus, collection agencies or furnishers – Page 70.
  • INDIRECT DISPUTING: why this incredibly simple (yet unknown) method of disputing is not only powerful… but the first place you should start – Page 69.
  • METRO 2: what it is… how it was developed… and why you need to know about it to beat the Credit Bureaus at their own game – Page 175.
  • DISPUTE ONLINE?: Only if you're looking to waste your time and fall into the credit bureaus "baited" trap…  except when doing this "one type" of dispute – Page 89, 192.
  • E-OSCAR: what it stands for. Who's behind it. Why it was developed and why only an idiot would ignore it – Page 174, 187, 190, 194.
  • JUDGMENTS and TAX LIENS: why they are so serious… so threatening and why you need to deal with them quickly.
  • FICO SCORECARDS: what they are… what they mean… and how to use them to your advantage – Page 52.
  • DON'T DISPUTE A THING: the fastest way to improve your credit score WITHOUT disputing a single negative item on your credit report (so simple 9 out of 10 people still MISS it) – Page 156.
  • D.O.L.A.: what it means and how to use it to your advantage – Page 56.
  • FTC COMPLAINTS: why they're sometimes necessary and why consumers should be people using them – Page 70.
  • 26 WAYS TO DISPUTE: there are up to 26 different ways to dispute any inaccurate item on a credit report (and each one has the potential to trigger a deletion) – Page 75.
  • Can removing a negative account hurt your credit score? Find out the shocking truth (many people don't learn this until it's too late) – Page 51.
  • CELL PHONES, MAIL BOXES and MOVING: How these three things affect your credit score more than you'd ever imagine – Page 35.
  • MAGIC NUMBER: Find out how many negative items to dispute in a single letter to the credit bureau (there is much misinformation surrounding this topic) – Page 70.
  • CONFESSIONS of a Bank President: “Why paying off your credit card bills every month can lower your credit score…” (Learn exactly how much to charge and pay to build your score as fast as possible) – Page 33, 130.
  • Factual Dispute System: and why it's the fastest way to “blow your credit score through the roof” – Page 54.
  • BANKRUPTCY DELETED?: Credit Repair Attorney's $1500 method for removing Bankruptcy, Evictions, Judgments and Tax Liens from consumer credit reports – Page 60.
  • ADVANCED CREDIT PROFILING: what is it? How does it work? And why is it so powerful in building credit scores fast. – Page 209.
  • FIVE SECRETS: every married person should know BEFORE signing any credit application (you might save yourself and friends a lot of heartache with this) – Page 158.
  • SELF EMPLOYED?: Why your self-employment status hurts your credit score and what you can do about it – Page 36.
  • $10,000 in 20 MINUTES?: Yes, it's possible. And how to pay NO INTEREST on the money you get (100% legal) – Page 130.
  • FOOLS GOLD: Don't pay a penny to get your credit reports when you can use this “special form” and get all three reports for free (without a credit card) – Page 24.
  • NEW CREDIT FILE?: The guys selling them will never tell you this (nor the one way to do it “right”) – Page 218, 242.
  • CREDITORS HARASSING YOU?: There's no need to change your phone number or monitor your caller ID. Just choose from one of THREE methods taught in our course (stops virtually all phone calls and threatening letters) – Page 129.
  • THREE CREDIT BUREAUS or… FOUR? Don't forget about the fourth Credit Bureau and why they play a “key role” in helping you improve your credit score fast – Page 51.
  • PRE-APPROVED or PRE-SELECTED? How to spot the credit card offers you have a 98% chance of being approved for (and which are a complete waste of your time) – Page 156.
  • CPN NUMBERS: and why the people selling them should be fined (and locked up).
  • INSIDER METHOD: for removing re-inserted bad credit (buried deep in the FCRA) – Page 76.
  • O.C.R.: how three letters changed the entire credit repair industry practically overnight – Page 89.
  • ChexSystems Got You Down?: learn the 48-hour secret to getting a checking account regardless of your past troubles – Page 162.
  • LATE PAYS: all about disputing them and the best techniques for removing them as fast as possible – Page 68.
  • ATTORNEY GENERAL COMPLAINTS: what they are… when (and how) to use them and why they can be so incredibly effective – page 73.
  • TWO SPECIAL LETTERS: you can use to settle your debts for as little as .35 cents on the dollar (if you've considered credit counseling or bankruptcy, read this first!) – Page 146.
  • SECRET METHOD: almost no one is using (except our clients) to get collections, late pays and other negative accounts deleted – Page 71.
  • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea:  The credit bureaus receive over 20,000 disputes a day (and almost all of them are now processed overseas in India, Philippines, Jamaica or Costa Rica).  How did this happen and how can you benefit from it? – Page 188.
  • STUDENT LOANS: 10 Different Programs to get them Cancelled by the U.S. Government (qualify for only one and you win) – Page 242.
  • Why a PERFECT credit report isn't necessarily the highest scoring (and how to understand this phenomenon) – Page 51.
  • HARRASSED BY DEBT COLLECTORS? Use this insider technique to NUKE them off your credit report and out of your life (you won't find this anywhere else!) – Page 63.
  • FORECLOSURE: the truth about STOPPING IT and how to recover your home AFTER IT by taking advantage of special laws designed to protect you (very interesting) – Page 142.
  • ARIZONA CREDIT GURU: uses this $500 tactic to correct merged credit files (now it's yours for free) – Page 70.
  • DEBT VALIDATION: Why it can be a complete “waste of time” if you don't know what you're doing – Page 63.
  • CASH IN YOUR TELEPHONE: How to use your telephone to increase your credit card limits up to 200% (learn the “magic words” that can make it all possible) – Page 34.
  • The Multi-Step System for credit repair that some Attorneys and Credit Repair Companies charge a fortune for (and how you can easily do it yourself virtually FREE once you know how) – Page 49.
  • COURTROOM TESTIMONY: explains exactly how the credit bureaus work (and why credit repair companies and credit repair courses FAIL to deliver the results you need) – Page 169.
  • FRIVOLOUS DISPUTES: learn why nearly half of all disputes are flagged as “frivolous” and get the THREE insider secrets to avoiding this pitfall – Page 53.
  • CREDIT HIJACKING: what it is and why you're a “sitting duck” waiting for it to happen unless you do these three simple steps to protect yourself – Page 233.
  • RE-AGING ACCOUNTS: why collection agencies are so notorious for doing this and how to get them corrected or deleted.
  • FREE FINANCIAL SOFTWARE: Get 30 days free of the best financial software that will track your money, plan your budget, and even tell you what to pay towards your debt – Page 42.
  • SCANDALOUS SECRETS: you must know before considering Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation – Page 132.
  • Discover the good news your credit card company will NEVER tell you about bankruptcy (great news for those facing Chapter 13) – Page 57.
  • IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION: discover the little-known method to getting FREE identity theft protection with just your telephone – Page 231.
  • REPOSSESSIONS: why they can be so complex and why the more complex they are the more opportunities you have to get them deleted.
  • SLASHED: cut your credit card payment by up to 50 percent (with one phone call) – Page 250.
  • INSIDER METHODS: consumers have used to remove inquiries, charge-offs, repossessions, late-pays and collections from their credit reports in as little as 30 days – Page 60.
  • METHOD OF VERIFICATION: and how it relates to public records like bankruptcy, judgments, tax liens and charge offs.
  • CREDIT REPORTING ERRORS: the seven most common and the best way to dispute them – Page 54.
  • BANKRUPTCY: find out why it doesn't hurt your credit score as much as you think (plus what part of the bankruptcy DOES hurt and how to fix it) – Pages 51, 57.
  • Discover the BEST time of year to dispute items in your credit report (and why the answer may surprise you) – Page 76.
  • COMMON MISTAKES: Get real-life examples of easily missed reporting mistakes from actual credit reports (and learn how to use them to your advantage) – Page 82.
  • FOR WOMEN ONLY: How one phone call can help you reach your dreams of starting or expanding a business, invention or idea… and how you can get up to $10,000 from this special source. – Page 131.
  • DON'T REFINANCE: until you read this. Lending specialist reveals how to protect yourself from the seven most common predatory lending practices – Page 134.
  • Why most disputes are LAUGHED AT by debt collectors, creditors and the credit bureaus (and how you can keep yours from being one of them) – Page 53-54, 205.
  • IDENTITY THEFT RECOVERY: the government sponsored program some ID Theft victims have used to solve their problems in as little as 30 days – Page 120.
  • Learn the TWO secrets that many customers of “Free Credit Report” services don't learn until it's too late! – Page 50.
  • ZERO DOWN: the truth about how to buy a home this way and what the “late night” real estate gurus aren't telling you – Page 40.
  • How to tell if an account is “aged” correctly (and how you can get it deleted from your credit report if it's not) – Pages 56, 62.
  • THINKING OF REFINANCING? How you can keep $94,546.04 in your pocket with nothing but your credit score – Page 157.
  • Thinking About A Divorce? Three critical steps to preserve your credit before you file (the secrets 90% of couples never learn until it's too late) – Page 243.
  • And Much, Much MORE!

Keep in mind the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide is only part one.

The next is…

FICO Score
Success Component #2

C.S.B. Members Only Forum

The Credit Repair Intelligence "MEMBERS ONLY Forum"

Having up to date credit repair strategies and tactics gives you a lot of power. But that power is multiplied 5 to 10 times when you combine it with personalized "Hands On" Support through our C.R.I. MEMBERS ONLY Forum.

Unfortunately, credit repair techniques are always changing and what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow. More importantly, every situation (including yours) is different. This is where "personalized" support is priceless.

Here's a Great Example…

Greg had a $13,000 automotive repossession that was KILLING his FICO Score.

As a result, there was no book, eBook, course or seminar on the planet that could get him the help he needed.


Because Greg needed personalized support (a walk through) for his situation and that's exactly what he got. We helped Greg quickly discover four "GAME CHANGERS" that applied to his personal situation; they were simple but very powerful:

  1. The Company that repossessed his car was Required to be Licensed.
  2. The Repossession Company was also Required to keep records (including vehicle condition and odometer reading).
  3. His State also required a "NOTICE OF SALE" and he had the right to know the amount his vehicle sold for.
  4. He also had a right to request all of the above documentation as well as copies of his original sales contract (from when he bought the vehicle).

Without access to the C.R.I. MEMBERS ONLY Forum Greg would have been…

"Up a Creek Without a Paddle"

Instead, he got the help he needed and…

Settled his $13,000 Repossession for .30 cents on the Dollar and Got it DELETED off his Credit Report!

As the saying goes…

"You can put that in your pipe and smoke it."

But we both know Greg would have had a "Snowballs chance in Havana" of getting an outcome like this with just a credit repair book.

The Credit Repair Intelligence "MEMBERS ONLY Forum"

is over half the C.R.I. System and one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to make improving your FICO Score as easy as possible.

And, anytime you get stuck, we're there to help you...

An easier more effective method of improving your FICO Score doesn't exist.

And remember…

Improving your FICO Score only 100 points can save you up to $100,000 (or more) on just one home purchase!

But how much does The "Credit Repair Intelligence" System Cost?

Surprisingly… it's incredibly affordable!

Normally, it's $189 (plus shipping).

However, if you get started today you'll receive a special discount of $100 OFF!

So, for only $89 you'll receive instant access to the C.R.I. "MEMBERS ONLY" Forum…

C.S.B. Members Only Forum

…and you'll get the 260 page Credit Repair Intelligence Guide shipped direct to your home!

2010 Credit Secrets Bible

If you're ready to get started just Click on the Orange Button below.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Go ahead, if you're ready to get started now just click on the Orange Button below.

On the other hand…

If you're skeptical I understand.  So, let me tell you about my

30 Day "Test Drive" Guarantee

It works like this…

Take The Credit Repair Intelligence System for a 30 day Risk-Free "Test Drive."  Review the materials and all the great tools we have to help you improve your FICO Score fast.

If for any reason you're not completely convinced it's the best system in the country for improving your FICO Score, justreturn the materials within thirty days from the date you received them and we will promptly refund your money (less shipping) with no questions asked.


I know there are a lot of "Rip-Offs" out there as I've been in this business for over 16 years.

And unfortunately (at one time) I had a FICO Score of only 484, so I know what it's like to be penalized with high interest rates just because of a low FICO Score.

But before I wrap this up, remember…

Just like me…

You're NOT Getting Any Younger!

How many times have you thought to yourself that you should be "further along in life" considering the age you're at now?

How many times have you missed out on profitable business and real estate opportunities because one thing (your FICO Score) held you back?

Remember, this is the biggest purchase of your life we're talking about and just 100 points improvement in your FICO Score means you WON'T be throwing away over $100,000 in interest!

If you do nothing it's guaranteed your future won't change.  If you act right now I'm guaranteeing your future will change or I'll refund your money.

Remember, it's only a "test drive" so you risk Nothing!

Click the Orange Button below now before procrastination gets a chance to stop you from creating the life you really want (and deserve).

Remember, the single greatest difference between winners and losers can be boiled down to one key.

Do you know what that single key is?

"Follow Through"

Winners "Follow Through" while losers tend to procrastinate.

Don't do nothing and stay stuck while watching others around you "move ahead" and succeed when it can be you instead.

All you have to do is take the first step with a Risk-Free "Test Drive"

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Do it NOW

Click on the Orange Button Below and "Follow Through"

C.S.B. Members Only Forum2010 Credit Secrets Bible


C.R.I. System Staff

P.S. Don't waste another second… click on the bit Orange Button above to get started now!

P.P.S. Questions before ordering? Contact our helpdesk at www.myclienthelp.com

P.P.P.S. Please note, special prices for new (and previous) customers may expire any day. Click on the “Get Started” link for these limited discount offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time and work is this going to take?
  2. Why is there a monthly fee?
  3. Is this legal?
  4. What about late pays?
  5. What about charge-offs?
  6. What about public records like judgments, tax liens, bankruptcy, child support and evictions?
  7. What about inquiries?
  8. Does this work in Canada?
  9. I've read this whole page. What if I still have questions?

How much time and work is this going to take?

Every situation is different. In some cases you could literally be just a few postage stamps away from raising your credit score 100+ points in a few short weeks. The reality is if you do nothing you'll stay right where you are.

Here's a realistic example to consider: Let's say it takes you 40 hours over the next 6 months to get your score up. That's 6 ½ hours a month, or about 90 minutes a week. Let's say by improving your credit score you save just 2% on a $200,000 home mortgage loan. That will save you about $100,000 over a 30-year term. You just made $2,500 an hour for your time. Let's take a smaller example... a new car. Let's say instead of a 10% APR you qualify at 2% on a $20,000 car. That would save you $4,450 over a 5 year period. You just made $111 an hour for your time. From these examples you can see that spending just a little time learning the credit repair process can easily result in your credit repair work being the HIGHEST PAID WORK YOU WILL EVER DO IN YOUR LIFETIME!

Why is there a monthly fee?

After 16+ years of helping people improve their credit scores we learned that a great "Credit Repair Manual" was simply NOT enough. This is for TWO reasons:

1.) A degree of information in regards to credit repair is ALWAYS changing. To keep our clients on the cutting edge we'd have to send them a "phone book" sized manual with a search function and it would still be outdated within months or even weeks. With access to the Credit Repair Intelligence System "MEMBERS ONLY" Forum we are constantly adding, deleting and changing information "on the fly" and you have a search function to find the answers you need.

2.) Over the last 16+ years our clients continually started running into the same problem. Each year they would run into the problem more and more. Remember, the credit system has changed more in the last 5 years then the previous 20 years. Whether our clients were professional credit consultants or just consumers looking to boost their FICO SCORE to save $100,000 on a mortgage... they ALL kept needing, asking for and demanding one thing:


This is because every situation is a "little" different. 80% of the time, for any given issue, you will be able to search and find the answers where we already "walked" another client through the same situation. The other 20% of the time we are there to help you "step by step" no matter how challenging your dilemma may seem.

Not long ago, we helped a client with a $16,000 auto repossession get it negotiated down to only $4,000 and DELETED from his credit report. This result would be near impossible if the client only had a book, a video or was using a $79 a month credit repair company. In the end, it comes down to results and the fact that "you get what you pay for."

When just 50 points on a credit score can save you $50,000 over the course of a loan, being "CHEAP" when it comes to fixing your credit will usually turn out to be the MOST EXPENSIVE "CHEAP" THING you'll ever do.

Keep in mind, if you don't a like a monthly recurring fee, you can do our OPTION 2 PACKAGE and get 6 MONTHS for the price THREE and there is NO RECURRING BILLING. This cuts the price of the package per month in half. A very good deal.

Is this legal?

Yes. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Title 15, United States Code section 1681, et seq.) you have the right to question any item on your credit report. The whole key is finding a course that will teach you exactly WHAT TO QUESTION and HOW TO DO IT MOST EFFECTIVELY.

Note: there are so-called credit repair "tactics" that are, in fact, illegal. We only teach ethical and legal methods of credit repair.

What about late pays?

Late payments really boil down to the following: what proof do they have you paid late? If the credit bureaus won't budge there are a variety of things you can request from the original creditor for proof.

What about charge-offs?

Charge-offs can be removed. First it's important to understand that there are two types of charge-offs: paid and unpaid. The older the charge-off the easier it is to remove since the original creditor may no longer have any record of the account. Paid charge-offs can be even easier since the creditor has been paid and no longer has a financial reason to spend time or resources on arguing over credit reporting. However, in many cases removing a paid charge-off will actually LOWER your credit score.

What about public records?

Public records can be among the easiest of items to remove from your credit report. This is because of the exact nature of how they were reported and who the furnisher of that information is. You will learn how to use that information against the credit bureaus in the Credit Repair Intelligence System.

What about inquiries?

Inquiries can be removed. However, consumers need to understand there are two types of inquiries; soft and hard. Soft inquiries are used to review your credit and are usually associated with insurance, employment, a rental property, or utilities like gas, electric or a cellular telephone etc.. They do not affect your score. Hard inquiries occur when you apply for a personal or business loan, mortgage loan or credit card. In some cases each hard inquiry can lower your credit score by as much as 20 points. The Credit Repair Intelligence System will teach you how to remove unauthorized inquiries and increase your credit score.

Does this work in Canada?

No. The Credit Repair Intelligence System is designed around U.S. laws and the U.S. credit system.

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